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Elves ( WIP )

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Elves ( WIP )

Post by Ryan Ackers on Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:06 pm

Elves are much more advanced than humans. As well as more skilled with magic then the average wizard, and are very closely related to humans. Unlike fairies elves, are much more advanced and are often despised by many other supernatural beings. They also are quite skilled in all sorts of things such as crafting, healing, elements, magic, etc. They are from an elf village located in England which is hidden just as the fairy village is. And are led by an royal court which is led by the king and queen. And often hold the beliefs of medieval with the titles important and have an royal court although they also are more advanced then humans. They also are quite vast with knowledge and many elves are considered scholars. 

Elves look like any other human except for having pointy ears, but overall look just like any other human, and most elves are generally not noticed. Since their ears are able to be kept normal, but most elves do not. Aside from that they can be seen in normal clothing although the royal family often wears royal robes due to their medieval beliefs and that is only in the Elf village.

Elves have powers ranging from healing to elementals, even though there main powers are elemental and strength, although aside from that they are quite skilled with Potion making and those very gifted are often apothecaries to the royal family of the elves. Most elves are skilled with healing and many are considered mystic healers and they consider elven blood the most powerful. And aside from fairies are the most powerful creatures. They are often described as being rather charismatic and can be often considered to be charming. Even though fairies often beat them with there charismatic. They also have a strength of being knowledgable and are often renowned scholars and have a huge library in the village. Making them quite powerful.

Anything that can kill humans are more than likely going to kill an elf, despite being not immune they are still more powerful than humans. And they can heal faster, and are very immortal in some cases, but it is still very rare. For the most part elves do not have many weaknesses. Since they hold more strengths, but an elf still can be killed the way an average human is killed.

Royal Family
The elves are governed by a royal court just as vampires, but aside from that they have a royal family which is the head of the royal court. And are very powerful and are considered to be gifted with all elements and are considered to be the most well-versed out of the bunch. The king and queen are not immortal, they just are very powerful, and whoever is part of the royal family. They are given the best education, and just as fairies if you are born as a bastard of the royal family then you are sent to live with another family or disowned and casted into the human world which is the most common punishment. And unlike the fairies once you turn a certain age you are allowed back into the world.

The purity of elves are just like fairies ranging from full which is pureblood, or halfling/hybrid, and if you have distant elven bold than you are either quarter or eight. Basically just like veelas, but the most common puritys are pureblood, halfing and hyrbrid. And a hybrid elf just like a fairy elf is quite powerful and having powers from both, but not as powerful as they would be full. Making them just as powerful as a full creature.
Ryan Ackers
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Gryffindor Fourth Year

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