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TGAOM Site Plot

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TGAOM Site Plot

Post by Eric Charleston on Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:18 pm


The creatures have become restless and angry on how they are being treated as second class citizens. They are gathering their forces to wage war against the Ministry and those who have denied them the rights that they deserve. Though what exactly has caused this uprising? They have been calm for so long.

The Ministry has no idea that the creatures are beginning to rise against them they are just going over their normal day to day tasks with no care in the world. Though will they soon be taken down?Or will they be able to fight back only time will tell. They also are unaware that the Death Eaters are rising once again with the daughter of Voldemort as the new Dark Mistress.

The Death Eaters on the other hand are slowly growing again and taking the unrest in hand as a chance to attack. For they are seeing it as a good chance to possibly take over the ministry while they are focused on the creatures. They believe that the ministry will be at it's weakness so have the best chance of taking it over.

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