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Post by Eric Charleston on Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:11 am

Werewolves are mostly seen in packs, however there are some who prefer to be on their own for whatever reason. They are very dominant and will fight to gain power in their packs and pack hierarchy a wolves position is never considered to be secured. The alpha pack is made up of the strongest and most aggressive werewolves these are the ones who make the decisions for the rest of the packs. They can turn at will however if they don't turn in a few months they will become weak and forced to turn during the next full mood.

Werewolves when they are not in there wolf form appear like every normal human though their eyes may seem like they are glowing in the dark though they keep the eye color that they have had prior to being turned or what they were born with. When they turn they appear like a huge wolf the color may vary from wolf to wolf though most are grey or brown.

Silver This causes them to become very weak
Wolfsbane though it is said to be helpful it is actually very poisonous
Mercury or quick silver this is said to be the most dangerous to them

Werewolves have the ability of colossal strength and agility. They can withstand any injury inflicted onto them unless it was inflicted with silver. They heal quickly and have heightened sense of smell, hearing, and other senses.  
Eric Charleston
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