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Maisie Sokolov ( WIP )

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Maisie Sokolov ( WIP )

Post by Maisie Sokolov on Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:03 pm

Calligraphy Fonts

Character Name: Maisie Embla Sokolov
Age: 16
Birth Date: January 7, 2003
Birth Place: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Current Home: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Nationality: Russian and English
School: Durmstrang
Wand: 12 inches, Dragon Heartstring, Hawthorn, Squishy
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Calligraphy Fonts

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Long and Wavy
Body Type: Slim and has some muscle
Height: 5.7
Other Distinguishing Features: Has a few scars on her.
Clothing Style: Maisie will mostly be found wearing anything she finds to make her look badass whether it be black jeans with boots, a leather jacket, or sometimes if she felt like dressing normal a simple dress, even though she is mostly found in anything that is tomboyish.

Calligraphy Fonts

Likes: ( Min 3 )
Dislikes: ( Min 3 )
Weaknesses: ( Min 3 )
Strengths: ( Min 3 )
Positive Traits: ( Min 3 )
Negative Traits: ( Min 3 )

Calligraphy Fonts
Maisie grew up being the second daughter of two people who had been together since there days at Durmstrang and had children while at Durmstrang, well her mother had her older sister right out of Durmstrang. Which had ended in their parents being married, so they would not have any embarrassment with having a child out of wedlock, and they had also wanted to be together. Leaving Maisie to be born five years after that, and had been basically the child her parents had always praised.  

Growing up Maisie had been the one child who had never had a filter, and often had the curse of being way too honest with others. Leaving her too have a huge amount of people who had not liked her, since she knew how to get under others skins and often found some mischief out of it. And often used her mischievous nature to win whatever she had too. Since growing up Maisie was raised to know that in order to get what she wanted she had to find other ways then asking to get what she wanted.

Leaving Maisie to stand out amongst her siblings especially being the opposite of her older sister who was more darker than Maisie was herself. Even though Maisie had been quite mischievious and quite deceitful, she had always had a good heart, and growing up she would also have many friends. Although once Maisie turned six years old she had displayed her first signs of magic. Which had been by basically making something happen that even herself could not explain during an temper tantrum.

Which had made Maisie by far the craftiest out of her siblings who had known how to get what she wanted, but had more a love for mischief. And the years leading up to her day which she would receive her Durmstrang letter had come and was not at all a surprise to Maisie at all. Since she knew since they day she displayed her magic that the letter was destined to happen. Upon arriving at Durmstrang she had been placed in Shutnik which was not a surprise since she had displayed a more love for being sneaky and mishevious then she was with being rather manipulative.

Her first five years at Durmstrang had been filled with her doing well in her classes and managing to become top of her year. And in many ways becoming one of the most popular students at Durmstrang despite her not being so girly girl. Leading her to get all Outstandings on her owls and having her become ready for her sixth year at Durmstrang. 

Calligraphy Fonts

Father Name: Nicklaus Anton Sokolov
Age: 42
Occupation: Department of Law Enforcement Worker and Former Shutnik
Status: Living
Blood Purity/creature: Pureblood/Werewolf

Mother Name: Hazel Ramona Sokolov ( nee Nightrock )
Age: 39
Occupation: Potion Mistress and Former Khitrost
Status: Living
Blood Purity/creature: Pureblood

Older Sister's Name: Anastasia Hazel Sokolov 
Age: 21
Occupation: University Student and Former Khitrost
Status: Living
Blood Purity/creature: Pureblood/Werewolf

Younger Brother's Name: Rhys Ivan Sokolov
Age: 13
Occupation: Durmstrang Third Year
Status: Living
Blood Purity/creature: Pureblood/Werewolf

Calligraphy Fonts

Maisie Embla Sokolov

Maisie Sokolov
Maisie Sokolov

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