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Fairies/Faes ( WIP )

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Fairies/Faes ( WIP )

Post by Ryan Ackers on Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:05 pm

Fairies are often described as creatures who are rather mischievous, which in many cases is true, although unlike the other beings. They are powerful, and are also immortal well only those of higher rank are immortal such as the queen herself. Aside from them being powerful and mischievous, they have the ability to heal others and are very well versed with nature. Which is what they are mostly specialize, and are often found in forests. Fairies are ran by a royal family which is the fairy queen. And are found in a fairy village, which is located in Ireland, and it is hid away from the view of humans by a magic.

Fairies look like any other human being, although if they desire they are able to become small, which is often done in the fairy village. Aside from their size they have wings which can range from a wide variety of types, which once in the human world can disappear, since fairies wings are incapable of being viewed by the normal human eye. As well as mostly being found in clothing that is often very free-spirited such as silky dresses, as for guys a silky suit, even though once in the human world they are found in normal clothing. They also are mostly found in certain colors such as pink, green, anything that is light. Since Fairies do not value anything dark.

Abilities/Strengths of a Fairy
When it comes to what Fairies abilties and their strengths, they have many and are often more skilled with nature than most creatures. They are extremely charming, and if one crosses a fairy, then they are basically in for having a living hell of an life, since fairies will use their abilities to make bad luck for whoever crosses them. Which is mostly done by dark fairies. Fairies can heal faster than the average human being and their blood is often more powerful and whoever has some are basically immune to many things such as dieases for the time being. Fairies are also able to do photokinesis and also have the ability of onierokinesis. And are able to enter other dreams, which is often displayed by the royal family which has powers that are far different from an average fairy.

They also are able to teleport, and sometimes it can happen in a blink of an eye, and someone who sees a fairy teleport is a very rare occasion. As well having the ability of telekinesis, and are able to fly. And are able to morph into human form which is something that all fairies can do since their true form is only found in the fairy village. As well as having the ability to cast illusions, and some fairies have the power of elements which is only displayed by some fairies.

Although all powers are possessed by the royal family.

When it comes to what a fairy's weakness is, there are only a few. Since fairies are immune to quite a few things, the two biggest weakness is sliver and iron. Which in many cases can harm them, another thing is steel which can harm them as well. And aside from that are capable of being killed by the unforgivable as well as other sorts of other ways which harm humans. Although they have a faster ability to heal, although it does not stop them from being killed.

Purity of Fairies
Fairies often have very few blood, and that generally is pureblood, and they have more powers than one that is half fairy blood. Although when it comes to a hybrid fairy, they are generally more powerful, as with any hybrid since they are a cross of two creatures as well as more, making them versed with all sorts of abilities. Although aside from being either pure or half, there is quarter, and eighth. Even though the most common sorts of purity is pure and half, even though having quarter and eighth is not uncommon either.

The Royal Family
The royal family is the founding family of the fairies, and are very strict when it comes to their bloodline, despite some having half in it. In many cases members of the royal family possess all the powers, and are trained from a young age how to use them. And are very well educated since they are set at high expectations and are taught a very different way of life than the average fairy. As well as possessing the power of immortality when they reach a certain age which can also be taken away from them if they do wrong. The family is led by the queen who is considered the most powerful fairy, and is also the most strict. Also anyone who is born as a bastard of the royal family are often disowned and are sent to live an average family or often casted into the human world.
Ryan Ackers
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